Horseshoe Bend East

Horseshoe Bend East Mini Storage

Horseshoe Bend East Mini Storage (AKA: Country Club Storage), located on Primrose just off of Bittersweet, is one of our conveniently located self-storage locations in Lake Ozark.

Don’t forget to ask about our storage units with electricity.

Sizes & Prices for Horseshoe Bend East Mini Storage

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5’x10′ @ $35/month – Our 5’x10′ storage units are about the size of a loaded pickup truck, a cargo van, or a large closet. A unit this size will hold the entire contents of a small/medium bedroom, including a dresser, a desk and a bed with enough room left over for boxes and smaller items.

10’x10′ @ $50/month – These larger 10’x10′ units are roughly the size of a loaded 15-foot moving truck or a large bedroom. Units this size will typically hold everything from a one bedroom apartment. This includes appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, though there’s also room for things like patio furniture and lots of boxes.

10’x20′ @ $85/month
– Our 10’x20′ storage units are about the size of a 24-foot moving truck, or a small one-car garage. Units this size can hold everything from a typical two bedroom house including the appliances, any patio furniture, and many boxes. These units are also large enough to store a vehicle/small boat/construction equipment.

10’x30′ @ $155/month – On the larger end of the spectrum, our 10’x30′ units have plenty of space for holding all the furnishings from an entire four or five bedroom home- that means all possessions and appliances, plus things like patio furniture and tons of boxes. You could also choose to store a vehicle or boat in a unit of this size.


Other Sizes of Storage Units – Need something different? We also have other sizes in addition to those listed above.
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